'' The power of 3D shapes the future''


Welkom at 3Dbrass

33Dbrass is a 2,5/3D-design agency. We provide digital files for the manufacturing of 3D-Embossing Dies, coins, models, molds, ..etc. We also print our own 3D products. Our clients are spread all over the world, but are mainly found in Germany, UK, and the Benelux.


  • 3D Embossing Dies

    Dozens of engraving companies use our designs for 3D-Embossing Dies to engrave on their own milling-/engraving machine.

  • 3D coins

    The design of a 3D-coin is a digital model from a picture.

  • 3D-printing

    As an alternative, versus the more expensive magnesium or brass embossing dies, we can print a relief from PLA

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